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November, 2016: Larry Greene

How long have you been a member?
8 months
How many times per week do you come to the gym?
5-6 times a week
What's your favorite exercise?
I don’t think I have one
What was/is your fitness goal?
Lose 15 pounds and get some toning and strength back; improve stamina
What are some goals you have achieved while working out?
I have lost the weight and my overall conditioning is much better
How can Ontario Health & Fitness staff help you reach your fitness goal?
The friendly staff already does this. Kind words and conversation make for a pleasant workout experience. And of course they are always ready to help in any way.
What's your favorite thing at OHF?
Tough one, but mostly I enjoy the people (Staff and Members)
Any comments or suggestions on how Ontario Health & Fitness can help improve your experience here?
Just keep doing a great job!
Member of Month

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